About Us

CONTINENTAL RECYCLING is USA based company dedicated to providing customized, cost-effective, and efficient plastic recycling services for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients. Continental Recycling converts the collected material into a feedstock for industry, thereby closing the recycling loop. Continental Recycling offers customized service for its recycling customers including collection trailers to our industrial and municipal clients and multi-store pick up to those in the commercial sector. Continental Recycling offers a "one-stop" solution to the issue of plastics recycling. Continental Recycling can accept almost every grade of plastic including some difficult composite materials. Exceptional expertise in plastics recycling technologies, dedication to service, and commitment to recycling makes Continental Recycling the ideal choice to manage your plastics recycling needs.

Our Mission & vision

Our vision is to provide a sustainable recycling solution across the world that is environmentally responsible and economically viable and at the end of cycle turn waste into product.