Continental Recycling LLC is a full service recycling company offering customized, cost-effective, and efficient plastic recycling services for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients.

The Continental Recycling LLC offers recycling solutions through a broad range of services including collection, shipping, baling, toll grinding, filtering, compounding, blending, washing, and distribution of custom granular flake and pellet to international markets. We are committed to supplying clean, consistent, recycled feedstock to manufacturers as a cost-effective alternative to virgin resins.

Our Services:

A "One Stop Solution" for Your Scrap Plastic: We accept most grades of plastics including some "difficult" composite materials. Toll Grinding: We have a cutting-edge grinding operation. Whether you want your own material ground and sent back or shipped to a third party, We take your order of any size and custom grind it to meet your needs. Toll Washing: We can wash your post-consumer bottles or dirty PET flake for recycling Toll Blending & Compounding: Our state-of-the-art equipment can blend polymer chip, regrind, and PET flake or pre-sort, mix with additives, and/or filter polymers per customer specifications. We also do specialty toll compounding of engineered resins – PP, PET, LDPE, HDPE.

Toll Baling:

We have also a full-service baler that can handle all materials. Whether you are looking to bale plastic or cardboard, we can handle your loose materials to make them more efficient for shipping.

Warehousing and Shipping:

We have more than 1.5 million square feet of warehousing capabilities. We have plenty of room to store your materials when the freight cost of shipping them to your warehouse is too high or if you simply need temporary room to store materials. We can transfer boxes and split loads to different destinations.

For Our Customers, We Offer:

Collection Containers: We provide trailers for its industrial and municipal clients and multi-store pickup for those in the commercial sector. We can also provide smaller in-plant collection containers for large industrial customers.


We will pick up your container on a schedule (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) or on call. Simply call (919) 840-5888 and we will switch-out the full container for a fresh one.

Rapid Response:

Within 48 hours of receiving your service request that your trailer requires a switch-out, a truck will be dispatched with a fresh container and the filled container will be removed. Our driver will provide you with a receipt for the filled container once it is removed.

Certified Weigh Tickets:

We ship the scrap materials received from your location to our warehouse facility or plant for processing. The container is weighed and a certified weight ticket is then sent to our Accounting Department for further processing. All materials are accurately processed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Cash Payment:

We use cash terms with our customers. You'll receive your payment "up front" via deposit. Each load is then deducted and when the deposit is depleted, another one will be provided.